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PREMIUM Black Truffle Oil 250ml (8.5 Oz) PREMIUM Black Truffle Oil 250ml (8.5 Oz)
SOFI Gold Award Winner 2012 (Outstanding Olive Oil at the Fancy Food Show Washington) For this new product, we have enriched our first cold pressed and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil with the distinct taste of black truffels. It will...
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PREMIUM White Truffle Oil 1 x 250ml PREMIUM White Truffle Oil 1 x 250ml
We are proud to introduce our latest creation, the subtle and tasty marriage of oil "La Peranzana " and incomparable finesse of white truffle. White Truffle of Alba is the most sought by gastronomes , it has a very aromatic richness...
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Tartufata 180gr Tartufata 180gr
Our Tartufata is an outstanding paste that combines summer truffles, mushrooms and black olives. Try it with pasta or rice, as a topping for crostini, hard-boiled eggs, or omelettes or make it the base of a delicious porcini sauce for...
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Golden Truffle olive oil 1 x 250ml Golden Truffle olive oil 1 x 250ml
Made with our summer truffles and delicately covered in Pensato virgin olive oil. This product is pasteurised in it’s natural juices with no preservatives or articial colourings. A great addition to many refined recipes. Ingredients:...
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Truffle Juice 200ml Truffle Juice 200ml
The truffle juice is extracted by canning. The fresh truffle during its first cooking will lose between 15 and 20% of its weight in juice. All the perfumes of the truffle are found in this slightly salty nectar. The truffle juice has a...
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